08.13.16 - Kessler Theater on Saturday Night! I'll bring the "e"!
Hi, I'm playing a show this Saturday night at The Kessler Theater in Dallas. I can't promise that Axel Rose will duet November Rain with me but I also cannot promise that he won't. Irrespective of potentially broken promises, this evening of carefully crafted acoustic machinations will result in a perfect date night for you and your steady. And if you don't bring a paramour then you will likely find great riches and a life changing new relationship because you attended. Or at the least you might leave with one of my (unworn) t-shirts and a song in your head which is, all things being equal, better than money or a new inamorata/o. But I digress.

I believe a handful of tickets still remain available for purchase. Visit The Kessler Theater to secure your seat for Saturday night. See you there.

10.09.12 - Live from New York...its Jackopierce and Creede
What's the first place that comes to mind when you think of wineries, Jackopierce and me? New York City, right? Okay, maybe not...but that's what makes this special New York City engagement with Jackopierce such a rare opportunity.

In light of your insatiable appetite for incredible experiences, I suggest you head over to City Winery this Sunday, October 14th. City Winery is one of most inventive and cool culinary mecca/wineries not sharing a Napa zipcode.

Given the sheer awesomeness of this transcendant event, I implore you to hustle to City Winery and buy your share of the very limited tickets available so we can hang out down in the Village!

04.01.12 - Creede Williams and Jay Quinn live in Dallas!
Literally. Creede Williams and Quinn Nagurney live in Dallas. However, the purpose of this special bulletin is to notice you about the upcoming show on April 21st at The Foundry in Dallas. If you're up for a night of fried chicken (prepared by Food & Wine's Best New Chef 2012!), frosty beverages served within the confines of a swank beer garden, and mind blowing acoustic greatness....we have your ticket. Not literally. But you can get your tickets by clicking on the picture below!

11.29.11 - Rachael Yamagata, Mike Viola

Mike Viola and Rachael Yamagata are among the finest singer/songwriters working today. You've heard Mike's songs on the radio and in hit movies such as Tom Hanks' That Thing You Do!, Get Him To The Greek and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Mike works with the likes of Fountains of Wayne, Semisonic, Mandy Moore, Barenaked Ladies and Ryan Adams.

Rachael Yamagata's songs frequently appear on television (The L Word, Charmed, How I Met Your Mother, ER , Nip/Tuck, Men in Trees, Alias, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy and The O.C.), and her notable collaborations include Jason Mraz, Rhett Miller and Ray Lamontagne.

Although Creede is just sitting in for a song with Mike, you can bet your Aston Martin that he will be soaking up the rest of the show in the audience. Here's hoping you will too. Buy your tickets for this must-see show on December 4th at The Loft in Dallas.

07.12.11 - Come hear Jackson Square near Jackson Square
Put on your seersucker suit or favorite sundress(or both, if that's your thing) and get your bad self to New Orleans. Creede is playing the "After Hours Series" at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art on July 28th and you want to be there.

The Ogden is the preeminent curator of all things cultural in the American South. Established in 2003, The Ogden set out to broaden the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and culture of the American South through its permanent collections, changing exhibitions and educational programs. This is a phenomenal place to watch Creede do his thing while you play sophisticated "patron of the arts" .

Head over to http://oah-creede-07-14-11-eventful.eventbrite.com/r/eventful and get your tickets!

05.10.11 - Neither floods nor Grizzlies kept me from Memphis
Live from Memphis last Saturday night. Unfortunately, no one thought to shoot video of my auspicious entry via the GaGa egg.
Shocking video footage from Memphis!

05.05.11 - Walking in Memphis
Rendevous BBQ, the ducks at The Peabody, Graceland.....Let me count the ways I love thee, Memphis. Here's hoping to you see you at the Memphis House Concert Series on May 7th. Memphis House Concerts is an intimate music experience comparable to the most notable listening rooms in the country. Think of the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, the Ark in Ann Arbor, and Freight and Salvage in Berkeley and you'll have a good idea of what this scene is all about.

While these shows are officially by invitation only, I'd love to have you at the show if you are interested in attending. Just send us an email using the contact link and I'll arrange your passage through the velvet ropes.

03.23.11 - April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks go
My allergies announced "present and accounted for" and I suspect Sangria is beginning to chill over at Avila's. Survey(and the calendar) says "Spring is here" and my Mornings say "it's still too dark outside". The Texas highways are turning blue (and more bonneted) in an effort to charm a guy into trading checked luggage lines, delayed flights and Cinnabon kiosks for Hill Country detours and Stuckey's truck stop pecan rolls. Thoreau might have been on to something when he wrote, " A broad margin of leisure is as beautiful in a man's life as in a book. Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping. Keep the time, observe the hours of the universe, not of the cars ." I'm not sure where I fall on the "housekeeping" philosophy bit, but I'm getting the sense that setting my clock back an hour is not what Hank meant by observing the hours differently. Perhaps Spring is supposed to be about observing, it might explain why everything finally looks in color again.


P.S. Check the tour page, we should be adding new dates often. I'll let you in on a showbiz secret- shows are more fun when an audience is present. Shhh.

11.23.10 - Songs, waves and the getting away
Sometimes you do things for other people. Or money. Or any number of reasons that are forgotten by the time you're finished with the "doing". I'm currently in the middle of the ocean doing something...which is nothing. As I relish in this nothing-ness, I'm feeling something. And to feel something, anything, while doing nothing is pretty unconventional in a world that often purports how one should always do something and feel nothing, since idleness is without purpose and feeling too perilous. As you read this, note how slippery the slope between nudging profundity and hugging Jack Handy becomes. It is this tricky gradient that the songwriter navigates...which is why I avoid writing songs about the rain or Pina coladas. Speaking of which.....more songs are coming in 2011, but first I need more Pina coladas.

10.01.10 - Boomer Sooner!
Big Tex, luke warm beer, fried "fill in the blank"....no shows this weekend as I'm doing calisthenics (picking cotton, climbing the rope, etc) in preparation for OU/TEXAS Weekend. If you're going to the fair on Saturday I'll be easy to find, just look for the guy in Crimson.